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8:39 PM August 27, 2008
My DJ gig at Whitebird went well last week. I was spinning for about 2.5 hours and had a lot of fun. I'll probably be DJing there again sometime soon, but no definite arrangements have been made yet. I have, however, lined up plans for a new DJ gig at Earls for this Saturday night.

I'll be spinning some jazzy and funky house at Earls from 10pm to 1am. So come out and have a bite to eat or some drinks while I help create a loungy atmosphere. I'm looking forward to playing at a new venue and this should be a good fit.

In other news, I've been working on a few new designs for this website. The current design has been around for a few years now and I feel it's about time for a new look. I'm toying with some brighter themes for something different from this dark one, but I haven't settled on anything final yet. I'm not sure when the new design will be ready, but it could be anywhere from a week to a few months. For now I'm just playing with some ideas. I'm in no rush.

Anyways, check out Earls this Saturday night for some grooving beats and congratulations to my friends Steve and Dee on their wedding in Hawaii this past week.

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Midsummer 2008

5:56 PM August 10, 2008
It's been a while since I've posted a new photo entry, and I have quite a few photos stocking up now. In the last few weeks I've taken about a thousand photos at various events around the city. I've finally had the chance to go through them and pick out some of my favourites.

In taking these photos I've been experiencing more problems with my camera lately. I've actually been having some issues with it for months now, but a few new issues have started happening this summer. For one, the LCD screen has been displaying weird artifacts. Also sometimes when I turn the camera on it will display an error and automatically turn itself off. Focusing has been difficult at times too. These are just another sign that I need to finish saving for that new Canon 40D camera and buy it already!

In other news, I've been putting together some DJ demos to hand out to various loungy places around town. I'd like to start playing out more and the timing for it seems right for me at this point. I played for Davey's birthday dinner at Whitebird Lounge last month along with Davin and it was a lot of fun. I gave them one of my demos and have lined up another gig for later this month. So I'll be DJing some jazzy deep house tunes at the Whitebird Lounge on August 20th. If you're interested, come on down and have a bite to eat and enjoy some drinks and the atmosphere. I will be playing from 8pm-11pm.

Anyways, there has been lots happening this summer in Victoria, such as Luminara, VEMF, the British Columbia 150 year anniversary festivities, and a few other such events. So here are a few photos from the last few weeks of my summer.

Midsummer 2008 Photos:

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Midsummer 2008 - Luminara

5:53 PM August 10, 2008













Midsummer 2008 Photos:

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Midsummer 2008 - VEMF

5:26 PM August 10, 2008














Midsummer 2008 Photos:

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Home with House ep09 - Summer Daze

12:01 AM August 1, 2008
It's now August, what I always consider to be the peak month of the summer, and I'm getting excited for the upcoming Victoria Electronic Music Festival this weekend. So I decided to make this month's Home with House podcast a special 2 hour long mix to get pumped up for the festival.

Home with House episode 09 has a warm summer feel to it, and is full of funky, vocal, and disco house. This mix is called "Summer Daze".

Summer Daze tracklisting:

1. Chuck Love - Bring Enough To Spill Some (Long Way Down) (Original Mix)
2. Gaelle - Give It Back (Grant Nelson Mix)
3. Players Inc - Stalin' Me (Richard Earnshaw Funked Up Mix)
4. Bosco & Terell - Master Blaster (Original Mix)
5. The Thompson Project feat. Gary L - Messin' With My Mind (Guy Robin Main Vocal Remix)
6. Ross Couch - Rhythm Is Our Business (Original Mix)
7. Warren Clarke, Shena - Lifting (Main Mix)
8. Danny Marquez & Ferry B - Afrocatalans (Original Mix)
9. MoD feat. Gee K - Downtown Lady (Original Club Mix)
10. Kathy Brown - Get Another Love (Warren Clarke Club Mix)
11. Illusive - Into The Night (Club Dub)
12. Dajae & Full Intention - What Do You Want? (Vocal Mix)
13. Richard Earnshaw feat. James Vargas - Inside And Out (Groove Junkies Mix)
14. Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Lasala - Runaway Love (Part 2) (Marquito's Classic Rework)
15. N'Dea Davenport - My Love (Craig C Vocal)
16. Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge (2004 Remix)
17. Z Factor - Moody (Joey Negro Club Mix)
18. Hott 22 - No Promises feat. Bonnie Bailey (Original Mix)
19. Banda Sonara - Guitara G (G Club Original Mix)
20. Prunk Le Funk & Nevil Richard - La Musica (Original Mix)
21. Illusive - Feel The Music (Instrumental Mix)
22. Soularis ft. Denise Johnson - Fire (The Invisible Man Remix)

Download Episode 09:
Home with House - DJ Velvety - episode 09 - Summer Daze
Title: Home with House ep09 - Summer Daze
Vibe: Disco House, Funky House, Vocal House
Date Recorded: August 2008
Length: 118:56 min
Quality: 192 kbps - 167 Mb

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