This website is a place for me to share my creations and passions. This includes my indie game creations, DJ mixes, photographs, blog posts and other interests. To learn more about me read below and check out the rest of this website.

About Graham Davis
Graham Davis - DJ Velvety
Photo © Davin G.
Name: Graham Davis / DJ Velvety
Location: Victoria, BC Canada

About Velvety Couch Games:
I have been passionate about game development since the early 1990s. From my first adventure game created in HyperCard to full blown mods made for Quake and Half-life, my childhood was full of game designs and creations. After releasing numerous level packs for games like Quake, I worked on the award winning Half-life mod Firearms that was included in Valve's Counter-Strike retail package. These days I'm creating new games under my independent game studio Velvety Couch Games such as the recently released mobile and web puzzle game OddBalls.

I am also a passionate supporter of growing and improving the game development community. To that end I am one of the co-organizers of the Victoria IGDA game developer Meetup group. We meet a few times a month and host events for aspiring and experienced game designers alike. I believe that game design, the environment we create games in, and the industry in general still have a lot of room to grow and mature. Community building is an important part of helping games reach their full potential and it's also a great way to share and learn from each other. Come join our meetups any time and be a part of our growing community. Everyone is welcome and they're free!

For more information about my game projects, including game development blog posts, check out the Games section of this website.

About DJ Velvety:
Dancing and music have always been an important part of my life. My tastes vary from loungy and jazzy beats to more upbeat and funky jams. I started spinning records around the turn of the millenium under the moniker DJ Velvety and played at various events and venues around Victoria BC. Eventually I started a monthly podcast show called Home with House. This series features over 30 mixes each over an hour long exploring the realm of jazzy, funky, atmospheric and uplifting house music. For more information, including free downloads of all my podcast episodes, check out the Music section of this website.

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