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Continued Growth

4:40 PM April 27, 2008
Graham Davis - Velvety Couch - Continued Growth

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Is It Spring Yet?

12:19 PM April 19, 2008
Graham Davis - Velvety Couch - 80s rocker guy

Last week I saw 80s rocker guy rocking out downtown. This is usually a clear sign that spring is here. I'm not sure where he goes in the off season, but whenever Victoria weather gets nice he's out there jamming on the electric guitar with his "portable" amp. Usually he has a helper pushing his amp in a shopping cart as he walks around town playing his solos. He's like our town's groundhog for the purpose of determining if spring is really here or not.

So given the fact that I saw 80s rocker guy jamming his tunes downtown and that it has been sunny and warm for a few weeks now, I thought spring was here for sure. But last night when I was leaving Steve's place to come home around midnight, I had to clear a few inches of snow off my parked car. Then I had the pleasure of driving home at 15 km/hr thanks to the downpoor of giant snow flakes filling the sky. It's rare enough to get snow in Victoria during winter, but it's very odd to see it in April. I guess it shouldn't be so surprising though, given that Victoria's weather can flip flop as often as any politician. But this begs the question: does 80s rocker guy really know when spring is here?

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8:04 PM April 16, 2008
Graham Davis - Velvety Couch - Flower and Bee

I just got back from the Open Web Vancouver conference with a friend from work. It was pretty interesting. We found out about a few new and useful web toolkits, learned some AJAX tips and tricks and got a general feel for all the new "webby" things people are working on these days. We also helped a few people with mapping related websites since that is our area of expertise. Overall it was a great trip.

Elsewhere, things are looking really good right now too. Asuka and I are still looking to buy a condo somewhere near downtown whenever the right one comes along. Work is continuing to be busy and interesting. The weather is getting nicer by the day. I'm continuing to enjoy mixing music and moving forward in that area of my hobbies. I'm able to hang out with my friends and wife regularly, even though we're all so busy. The Office is finally back on TV now that the writers strike is over, and the last season of Battlestar Galactica has started up (pretty much the only two cable TV shows I watch right now). My Xbox 360 is continuing to entertain me with great games like Rock Band. I've been winning money at my regular poker games lately. And I could probably go on, but you get the point.

To even things out a bit, what are some things that are annoying me right now? For one, the renters living above me have been extremely loud after midnight at least 3 times this week (but they got a lot of complaints, including from us, so hopefully that will stop now). Our small and cramped condo continues to be growing even smaller by the day. I still can't afford to stop doing contract work on the side, which continues to take up much of my free time. I keep meaning to start going to the driving range and golfing again, but haven't been able to yet. My camera, which is now about 6 years old, has been having problems for a while which makes me want to get that new Canon 40D SLR now rather than later. Also, both my desktop and laptop computers are really starting to act slow and show their age. But these are pretty much all things that will get sorted out over time.

So in general, things are going well. Summer is coming, along with a lot of great events, birthdays and vacation time. And life continues to be busy, complicated, enjoyable, frustrating and exciting. Nothing new really :).

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Home with House ep05 - Morningtide

11:32 PM April 10, 2008
The Home with House podcast for this month follows a theme of progressive moods. This episode represents the progression of feelings you might experience when waking up in the morning. From being fully asleep in bed, to being half-awake and groggy, and finally to being wide awake and ready for an eventful day, this mix mirrors the moods of these stages.

You'll notice that episode 5 starts off deep and soulful and slowly gains momentum and energy until the end. This sort of theme is a bit different from past episodes, but I think it turned out quite well. So I hope you enjoy Home with House episode 5, this one is called "Morningtide".

Morningtide tracklisting:

1. Gaelle - Rain (Speakeasy Remix)
2. Kevin Yost - Feeling You (Original Mix)
3. Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper (Ralph GUM & Benny Pecoraio Remix)
4. Monkey Brothers - Losing My Head (Peaktime Instrumental Mix)
5. Ethan White and Lisa Shaw - Find The Way (Jask Soul Seduction Vocal)
6. Miguel Migs - Petalpushing (Original Mix)
7. Knee Deep - All About Love (Original Mix)
8. Ross Couch - Rising Up (Dub Mix)
9, Samantha James - Breathe You In (Fiasco's Puff Puff Mix)
10. Deadmau5 - Jaded (Original Mix)

Download Episode 05:
Home with House - DJ Velvety - episode 05 - Morningtide
Title: Home with House ep05 - Morningtide
Vibe: Deep House, Soulful House
Date Recorded: April 2008
Length: 57:50 min
Quality: 192 kbps - 81 Mb

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Another Fresh Start

5:48 PM April 3, 2008
Graham Davis - Velvety Couch - Budding Flowers

The behind-the-scenes blog updates are finally done, for now. What I thought would take a few hours over the weekend ended up turning into dozens of hours throughout the week. I think I've finally got everything working correctly now, but not without a few changes.

Firstly, I've decided to remove the archive link to my old blog. It took long enough to get my main site working with the new version of MovableType, and I don't think it is worth the effort to do the same for my old site. I'll be keeping those 4 years of blog archives for whenever I feel the need to look back on my musings and laugh, but I don't think they were accessed much on this new site. So that change shouldn't make a big difference.

One of the main areas that needed attention during the upgrade was the comments. That system changed a fair bit between the versions of MoveableType that I've skipped, so a lot of my comment code and templates needed to be redone. During these changes, I decided to remove the popup comment window and make the comment form reside on the individual blog entry's archive page. This should make the flow of posting a comment much easier.

Additionally, the CAPTCHA question I had installed with the old comment system to help prevent bots from spamming my site didn't work with the new comments. This was the old "enter the text below" question that randomly supplied some text for you to enter. The new CAPTCHA system that comes with MoveableType doesn't work on my webserver because I'm missing some necessary software, so I needed to install a less powerful plugin to replace it. Now when you enter a comment, you'll need to answer a simple static question which should be enough to prevent common bots from spamming my site into oblivion. At least I hope so.

Those should be the only changes you notice for now. The whole reason I wanted to upgrade was so I could add some more detailed categories and tags for my blog entries, but I'm too exhausted from debugging the problems to add those changes right now. You'll probably see those additions over the next week or so. In the meantime, I'll be mighty appreciative if you notify me of any bugs or errors you see on the website. I've made so many little changes that there's bound to be something that slipped through. Please feel free to post a comment to let me know of any problems you encounter.

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