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Rainy Lights

8:24 PM July 22, 2007






Asuka and I went to Luminara last night. Aside from the rain and mud, it was pretty fun. Between the costumes, dancers, tai chi chuan performers, drummers, Shakespearean actors, music and of course all the lanterns, there were plenty of things to see.

I brought my camera with me but the dark, cloudy and rainy weather made it hard to get many good photos. A lot of my favourite shots turned out blurry. I lost some nice photos of the glowing Medusa lady, the green druid guy, and a fair number of lanterns. But I posted some of the ones that turned out okay above.

In other new, my TV is now broken. For the past short while it has been acting up: the picture would occasionally get staticy and sometimes this pink spark of lightning would shoot down the middle of the screen. But that would last a few seconds and pass. I thought it might be something to do with some electronic interference from a neighbour's place. Unfortunately today it turned itself off after one of those outbursts, and now it won't turn back on.

My TV is only 4 years old, so I'm pretty disappointed. Now I need to look into getting it repaired. Hopefully it's not too expensive, or I might need to buy a new TV sooner than I had planned. I was going to buy a new flat screen HD TV as one of my first large purchases after Asuka and I get our own house or condo. But if repairing this thing costs near the same price of a new TV, I may just have to rethink my original plan. For now, there's no Xbox 360, no movies, and no TV shows playing from my computer onto the TV (and that's probably the reason why I'm updating my blog sooner than usual).

I've got a few days of vacation coming up in the first week of August. I still don't have much of anything planned for it. I'm just going to relax, sleep and try not to spend much money. But who knows how it will turn out. For now I'm just excited to have some time off soon.

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12:49 PM July 14, 2007




As Davin so profoundly wrote in my blog comments, "Whassup"? Well, that is a good question. I've been meaning to update the old blog for a few weeks now, and everytime I go to do it, I can't find any new photos to use, or I can't find anything to write about, or both.

But enough is enough! I've done plenty of things in the past weeks to write about. Let's see, where to begin. Asuka and I went for lunch and tea at Abkhazi Garden, I went to see Chris Botti live with my dad, I saw three FIFA U-20 World Cup games cheering for Japan each time, a bunch of us went to Vista 18 for the Canada Day fireworks, and there must be a few other fun things I've forgotten in there. It goes without saying that all of those things were awesome!

So now summer is like half over, but there is still lots to do. Next month I am taking a week or so off work to do pretty much nothing! And I'm really exciting to be doing nothing! I'll probably be going over to the PNE Fair in Vancouver for a couple of days with Asuka, but other than that I'm just going to relax and enjoy this awesome weather we've been having. The Victoria Electronic Music Festival is also coming up really soon, and that is an event I've enjoyed every time. As usual, Davin is one of the organizers of VEMF so he's going to be really busy. But I'll be enjoying the festivities on the dance floor and from within the beer gardens.

Shortly after that is the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria. And that's always an important Men's Club event. With so many fun activities coming up, I'll try my best to keep this site updated. I'm sure I'll have lots to write about!