7:44 PM September 20, 2007

Only a few weeks later and I have another new mix ready for you. Two mixes in the same month must be a new world record or something. Well, at least it's a record for me. With my new setup and all the new music I have to play with, it's not hard to stay motivated.

While my last mix was a bit of an experiment melding my regular style with some electro house, this new set is going back to my roots: deep, jazzy and soulful house. The title of this mix, Transcultural, is meant to be an adaption from this definition but in a musical way of course. There are house songs from various parts of the world in this mix including a few from Japan, Brazil, Italy and Sweden.

Anyways, enjoy the new tunes. I'm sure there will be even more coming in the near future.

Here is the full Transcultural tracklisting:

1. Mary J Blige - Beautiful (Spen's Dub)
2. Japone Brethren - Wave (SILVA & Macrophage Lab)
3. Li'Sha Project - Feel (Miguel Migs Salted Dub Deluxe)
4. Q-Burns Abstract Message feat Lisa Shaw - Innocent (Lovesky's Confuse Me With Fear Mix)
5. Alfred Azzetto - Colors (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
6. Christian Alvarez - Sophisticated Groove (Vocal Vibe)
7. Henrik B feat Terri B - Soul Heaven (E-Squire Remix)
8. Physics - The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil (Physics 2005 Remix)
9. Mr. O - Lights Out feat Sara Smith (Kaskade Remix)
10. Mustafa - Sao Salvador (Demarkus Lewis Mix)
11. Chieko Kinbara - If You Only feat Joslyn (Kaskade Original Mix)
12. The Other One feat Sara Smith - Pictures (Craig C's Picture Perfect Vocal Mix)

Download Mix:
Velvety Couch - Graham Davis - DJ Velvety - Transcultural
Title: DJ Velvety - Transcultural
Vibe: Deep House, Jazzy House, Vocal House
Date Recorded: September 16 2007
Length: 69:28 min
Quality: 320 kbps - 163 Mb, 128 kbps - 65 Mb

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Tags: Deep House, Jazzy House, Vocal House


Great mix! Hopefully I can burn it to CD soon. Dern burner. I like the mix cover. Where is that?

If you look on the right hand side of my website, there's a "recent comments" area that displays the latest comments and links to the posts that they belong to. In there you'll find our lost thread!

PS: When are you going to get your cookies working on this so it will remember your commenters?

Posted by:  davin  on September 23, 2007 11:39 PM

Looks like it is remembering me - my bad. Cookies are working.

Posted by:  davin  on September 23, 2007 11:39 PM

Thanks Davin. The CD Cover is from the inner courtyard of the Kanazawa Castle in Kanazawa Japan. I took it when I was there back in 2004.

I'll check our your new site's comments again, I must have missed it before.

And yah, cookies should be working... and so should your burner!

Posted by:  Graham Davis  on September 24, 2007 8:43 AM

You didn't miss it before .. it's new!

Posted by:  davin  on September 24, 2007 9:22 AM