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OddBall Screenshot Saturday #30

5:52 PM January 27, 2013
This is Screenshot Saturday number thirty for OddBall. I spent this weekend at UVIC with fellow Global Game Jammers working on my game. I finished the animated Energy Charges that are scattered across all of the levels, which is one of the last graphical pieces left for the game.

The new animated Energy Charge is built from a 64 frame sprite sheet that shows it rotating clock-wise. Code wise, every Energy Charge is controlled by a single manager object so that they only take 1 draw call in a level. After I created the system, I had to go back to all 80+ levels and add it in, which was a bit tedious. But it works splendidly so it was worth it :)

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #30

OddBall Screenshot Saturday #29

1:13 PM January 12, 2013
Here's Screenshot Saturday number twenty-nine for OddBall. I've been working on the start screen, as well as some mid-game cutscene levels. You can see the current version of the start screen above.

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #29

OddBall Screenshot Saturday #28

11:19 AM January 5, 2013
Here's Screenshot Saturday number twenty-eight for OddBall. The past few weeks have been busy, not just with holiday stuff, but with OddBall development. I spent a good part of my 8 days off working on the final battle levels for OddBall. This includes new background graphics, coding and modelling some new game objects, and creating a series of linked actions that need to take place seamlessly as you battle through the last few levels.

As I've mentioned before, the final battle levels take place after various details of the OddBall facility are revealed. At this point the player must make a decision by choosing one of two sides. As a result, there are three different endings depending on how you handle those choices. Today's screenshot shows the first battle level where the player learns what they must do in these end battles. There is a red rocket launcher moving back and forth infront of two windows.

The player must use their OddBall tactics to access and activate the red buttons in these last few levels. Activating the red buttons will pause the moving rocket launcher and fire a rocket out the window at your target. Or, if you choose the side that is not to fire at the target, you need to protect yourself from incoming rockets by firing at the yellow and black window braces instead. Doing this will close the window shields and protect the player.

So one way or another you will be firing rockets in these last levels as you try to defend yourself. I won't be revealing what the potential target is outside of the window (you're going to have to play the game to find that out). There are 6 of final battle levels, and they get progressively more difficult and intricate until the end. They'll have you using all of the OddBall tricks you learn throughout the game in order to complete them. :)

OddBall #screenshotsaturday #28