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2:06 PM October 11, 2009
Continuing on with my recent posts about independent game development, I have another update with some interesting video presentation resources. The Indie Games Blog has recently posted a couple of videos from the 2009 Digital Distribution Summit that happened in Australia last month. The two presentations they posted are on the topic of digital distribution focusing on indie games.

Specifically, these videos discuss how to market and pitch game ideas to digital distribution platforms like Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), the Playstation Network (PSN), WiiWare for the Wii, and other online platforms for the PC or iPhone, etc. They delve into a lot of topics relating to this which I found very informative. The first video is especially interesting as it was given by the former Worldwide Portfolio Manager for XBLA and contains a good number of examples. So if you are in any way interested in indie game development, or marketing and digital distribution in general, I highly recommend you check out the two videos posted here:

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