Longer Sunshine

10:30 PM March 6, 2009
This weekend the days will start staying brighter for longer. I like daylight saving time in the fall because we get that extra hour of sleep, but I'm no fan of losing that hour in the spring. The upside of this weekend's time bump is more sunshine in the evenings so I'll soon be able to play some evening golf. It will also be nice to walk home from work without a jacket on.

I've been watching a fair bit of The Wire lately. It's gritty, raw and vivid. I'm enjoying having it play in the background while I work on my laptop. There's a lot to take in, but I find my brain soaks it up even when the show is not my main focus. I'm not sure why that is, but something about the realistic and vibrant world of crime, politics and policing seems to seep in even when I'm doing something else. The pulsating city of Baltimore has a strong allure, even if it can be cruel and brutal.

Davin recently posted a blog entry about tea. I'm a big fan of tea too, so I wanted to compliment his entry with a similar one of my own. I drink many types of tea, but mostly stick with green, black and herbal teas (red and white teas are uncommon in my collection). For green teas I'm a big fan of matcha, genmaicha and mint flavours. For black I like various types of Earl Grey, vanilla and fruit flavours like mandarin or peach. How do I like my tea? Simple and natural. I don't like to add milk or sugar or anything to my tea. I like to enjoy the natural steeped flavours without adding anything extra. Something about adding or changing the raw nature of tea just seems wrong to me. I feel the same way about my scotch (adding water or ice only dilutes the intended flavour). Call me a naturalist, or flavourist (or prick, whatever seems to suit).

Sometimes I enjoy mixing different types of tea to create a new flavour, like mint and mandarin - yum! I mostly only use loose tea and bag it myself with those cheap disposable Japanese tea bags. That way I can control the flavour better by choosing how much of each tea I use, as well as how long I steep it. I also find, similar to Davin, that loose tea tastes fresher than the pre-bagged stuff.

There's some new changes coming to the website soon. I've been tagging my Home with House mixes with styles like "Funky House" and "Jazzy House" for a while now. However, I haven't added a way for users to search my mixes for those tagged types. So I've been busy creating a way for people to do that and it should be ready soon. Now that my podcast has 15 episodes and growing, searching them for specific types of music should be more useful. I've got a list of similar additions and changes that I'll continue to work on in the coming months. Do you have any suggestions?

My podcast recently reached an average of over 100 subscribers. It's been steadily growing since I started it just over a year ago and I hope to continue that trend. The podcast mixes continue to receive thousands of listens and downloads every month and I'm looking for ways to increase that growth. I have a few ideas I'm playing with, nothing to announce yet, but I may be adding a new project to my plate in the coming months. I guess I can never be too busy?

Speaking of busy, I am just that. I've got many projects that need my attention and too little time. However, tonight I'm just going to relax and try to recover from the long week. I think I'll make some green or herbal tea and put a show on the old picture box. Have a good weekend and don't forget the daylight saving time change over!

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