Saltspring Photogroffee

12:08 AM February 19, 2008
We finally got around to visiting Saltspring Island for a photogroffee session this past Sunday. Caroline, Davin, Steve, Richard and myself took the ferry over to the island in the morning and met Jay on the other side. Jay acted as our official tour guide as we snapped a few thousand photos between the 5 of us.

We went hiking through some parks and forested areas, walked around Ganges and the marina, and eventually made our way to Jay's mother's place and shot some photos of her amazing art. She has created some very large brass statues and you'll see a few of them in my photos.

It was a great trip, and we barely skimmed the surface of the photogenic island. I hope we can make it back to Saltspring a few more times specifically for more photogroffee sessions this year. It's cheap and close, but far enough away that the locations are fresh to my camera. I've posted some of my favourite photos from this trip, and you can check them out below:

Saltspring Photogroffee Photos:

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